What is body training?

When a well-dressed and elegant person walks by us, he will always leave a good impression on us, and people tend to look at him for a while. This is the visual effect brought by a person’s appearance, which will bring more self-confidence to oneself. In the future, social competition will become more and more fierce, and people will rely more on the image. Of course, image is not only external but the harmonious unity of internal literacy and external temperament, which is the perfect embodiment of personal charm. What exactly is physical training?

It is generally believed that all exercises that can change our body shape can be called physical training. Speaking of this, we can easily think of ballet gymnastics and other projects. Indeed, the practice methods and content of these projects can play a great role in cultivating people’s bodies and temperaments.

Is physical training just dance and gymnastics exercises? So other sports, such as ball games, track, and field, swimming, weightlifting, etc., are not physical training? We can see from the body shape of athletes in different sports that different exercise methods have different effects on people’s body shape.

For example, sprinters and long-distance runners are quite different in body shape. The former has stronger muscles and a larger girth than the latter, while the latter is relatively thin and has less body fat. These are mainly determined by its sports methods and training methods.

Our body training is to use the practice forms of different items to achieve the purpose of shaping the body.

*Friends who want to lose weight can do some long-term exercises, such as long-distance running, long-term cycling, aerobics, etc.

*Friends who want to make themselves stronger can choose some equipment training to make their muscles more developed.

*For those who want to cultivate their temperament and make their behavior more attractive, they can choose basic dance and gymnastics exercises and somebody part exercises.

Body training includes a lot of content, aerobic training, anaerobic training, exercises for parts of the body, basic skills exercises of dance and gymnastics, etc., and the forms of exercises are also diverse. You can participate in the training class and be coached by a professional coach or you can practice by yourself. Of course, a professional coach will help you master the correct method and the training effect will be better.

In fact, body training can be integrated with the movements of raising hands and feet in our lives. If you pay attention to the posture of walking, standing and talking with others, doing some stretching exercises before going to bed, etc., these will affect your body shape. The formation has a great influence. Practice can change our body shape, cultivate our temperament, and improve our physical fitness, such as physical coordination, flexibility, balance, and muscle strength.

We can get these benefits through physical training

(1) Through systematic body training, the purpose of shaping the body can be achieved first. Although our physical appearance is largely determined by genetic factors, good physical exercises can completely improve the appearance and posture of our body, thus showing the characteristics of dignified demeanor, upright body, and graceful muscle lines.

(2) Physical training, as a way of physical exercise, can fully mobilize all parts of the body to participate in activities to achieve the purpose of physical exercise. While improving our health, it also greatly improves the basic qualities of our body, such as muscle strength, endurance, joint flexibility, speed, agility, balance, coordination, etc. It has a certain regulatory effect on our body’s cardiovascular system, material and energy reserves, and metabolic level. Especially for female practitioners, it can also have the effect of weight loss and fitness.

(3) There is melodious music accompaniment in the physical training, and there are graceful dances running through it, which not only appreciate the music but also get the influence of the beautiful dances. Through music, we can better show the dance posture, and through dance, we can better understand music, complement each other and blend in. We enjoyed music and dance while exercising and improved our understanding of beauty.

When we devote ourselves to this music and dance, we will forget the pressure, troubles, and dissatisfaction that work and life bring to you, your spirit will be relieved the most, and your body and mind will feel relaxed after practice. In addition, through group practice, you can meet more friends and expand your social network.

Everyone chats and dances together, and our body and mind are happy. why not!

How to correctly understand the physical beauty of the human body?

The physical beauty in life is more manifested through our body posture. It reflects the social background of our life, our personal temperament, education level, etc., which will be manifested through your temperament.

The figure of the model and the temperament of the dancer make us envious. Through special body training, we can achieve the purpose of improving our body shape, and at the same time, we can better show our beauty in life and work.

Let us first talk about the innate physical condition of the human body’s skeleton structure and body proportions. Whether the skeleton is uniform, whether the body proportions are coordinated (such as the ratio of head to trunk, limbs to the trunk, etc.) will affect our physical beauty to some extent. These proportions, including the proportion of body parts to the whole, have the proportion of length and the proportion of circumference. It also contains the symmetry of the body, such as whether the shoulders on both sides are on the same horizontal line, whether the arms on both sides have the same length and circumference, and so on.

In our growth and development stage, increasing physical exercise can help to increase the length of bones, but the formation of the human skeleton is more affected by factors such as genetics, diet, and living habits. Body training can help us develop a good body posture (such as walking, reading, doing housework, etc.), correct some incorrect postures, and prevent worse effects on the body shape. If you go through systematic and targeted exercises, women’s curvaceous beauty can be more prominent, and the body will be more straight and slender. Obviously exercise has a great effect on the change of body shape.

Let’s talk about posture again. A good form is already pleasing to the eye, and the communication through a graceful posture is the icing on the cake; on the contrary, a posture that loses beauty can only greatly compromise a good form. I once saw a girl with a slender figure in a fashionable dress on the street. Her figure and appearance were outstanding, but she always trembled up and down when she walked, as if she was walking on her knees. Somewhat uncomfortable. It seems to be very tired to walk, and it seems that the upper body is heavy. Maybe it is because of wearing high heels and not adapting to it, and the body’s center of gravity is too forward. To walk correctly, the center of gravity of the body should gradually pass to the front legs as the forefoot touches the ground, and the upper body always remains upright, so that it looks more comfortable.

Therefore, it is not enough to have a uniform body in life, but also to have a good posture. A good posture can better express our physical beauty.

So what is physical beauty? I think that the harmony of a well-proportioned, coordinated body and an elegant and perfect body should show a healthy, personal charm. The physical beauty should be consistent with your temperament. In life, you can better highlight your personality characteristics and distinctive demeanor through words and deeds. This is the purpose of our physical training and our purpose of better achieving physical beauty. .

To be neither exaggerated nor pretentious, but just right.

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