What are the misunderstandings of aerobic exercise?

Experts suggest: If possible, aerobic exercise and strength training should be carried out at the same time because it can improve cardiovascular health, control body fat, increase muscle strength and bone density at the same time. Although this dual exercise method has long been proven to be an ideal way to maintain body shape and gain muscle, there are still many misunderstandings about aerobic exercise in society. Some common misunderstandings are listed below for reference by bodybuilders.

(1) Is aerobic exercise better than strength training in controlling body fat?

Combining aerobic exercise with strength training is the best way to control body fat at an ideal level.

Many people mistakenly believe that aerobic exercise alone is the most effective for controlling and reducing body fat for the following two reasons.

1. Aerobic exercise first consumes fat, while strength training consumes sugar stored in the body.

2. Within the set heart rate range, 45 minutes of aerobic exercise consumes more calories than strength training at the same time. Strength training that stops and stops requires rest between each group and consumes fewer calories. many.

Indeed, during aerobic exercise, the body consumes the fat stored in the body as fuel; in fact, the glycogen in the body is also consumed at the same time. Studies have shown that in the first 20 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise (at an intensity of 65% of the maximum heart rate), most of the body consumes glycogen. Therefore, it consumes more calories in intensity training.

However, strength training can increase the total muscle mass, increase the metabolic rate of the body at rest, and the calories consumed in a day will also be greatly increased. It is estimated that for every 0.5 kg of muscle gain, the body can consume 50 to 100 kilocalories more per day.

For a person who has gained 5 kilograms of muscle, this means consuming 500-1000 kilocalories more per day, or 3500-7000 kilocalories per week. The reason is this: aerobic exercise can achieve the consumption of calories. The purpose of this, that it cannot increase the metabolic rate for a long time.

Although strength exercises cannot increase the heart rate for a long time, it increases the total muscle mass, thereby increasing the metabolic rate and allowing people to consume more calories during rest. This is how a combination of aerobic exercise and strength exercise is the best way to lose weight. The original exercise should follow a certain sequence: perform strength exercises first after a short warm-up and then do aerobic activities.

If you put aerobic activity first, because it can reduce muscle glycogen stores and swallow your strength, then your weight may not only not lose but will increase. Conversely, if you do strength exercises first, you will soon reach the state you need and be ready for aerobic exercise.

Is the more aerobic exercise, the better?

A good thing that has been done may turn into a bad thing, leading to the opposite result. The same is true for aerobic exercise. Although it is an effective way to consume fat, long-term aerobic exercise consumes not only fat but also muscle. Studies have found that a moderate amount of aerobic exercise for two hours can deplete 90% of the body’s leucine, an amino acid that is very important for muscle growth.

Normally, a normal leucine level can prevent muscle breakdown caused by over-training. In addition, when the body cannot adapt due to excessive training, it can lead to excessive secretion of anabolic hormones in the body, which attach to the muscles. Make muscles unable to synthesize

(3) Eating more before exercise can store some energy in the body. The content of meals before exercise depends on how long you exercise after meals.

If your goal is to lose fat, it is best to eat a balanced meal 3 hours before exercise; if you want to eat 15 to 2 hours before aerobic exercise, you should reduce the amount of meal, if you need it within 1 hour Do aerobic exercise and avoid carbohydrates.

The reason is this: the body can start to consume fat after 10-20 minutes of aerobic exercise. Whether the body can effectively consume fat as a fuel depends on the level of glucose in your blood. Obviously, if you are eating high carbohydrates, then the blood glucose level will also be high, and glucose can delay the time the body consumes fat as fuel.

Does the warm-up preparation before exercise makes sense?

Professional athletes spend a long time doing stretching exercises and even do a fixed period of stretching exercises every day. However, for those who use their work breaks to exercise, the exercise time is limited, and many people stop exercising in a hurry. Most of them don’t spend a lot of time stretching so that the muscles that have not been exercised are easily sprained because of frequent sports injuries.

Any warm-up action can improve the adaptability of the muscles and make the joints flexible and easy to move. In addition, warming up before exercise is conducive to your cardiovascular system skills.

Therefore, the warm-up exercises before exercise, especially the stretching exercises, must not be so-so. It must be done thoroughly. It is best to take up to 15 seconds for each set of exercises to achieve the best results.

As we all know, weight-bearing exercises can build muscle strength and increase muscle volume. But how to arrange the content of exercise and what should be paid attention to during exercise are also issues that the majority of bodybuilders need to pay attention to. Only by mastering the correct principles of exercise, can we achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. The following will focus on some basic principles in muscle exercises

How to arrange strength training?

This is a training principle that should be observed for the large muscle groups.

(1) In the multi-part practice class, the order of practice should be arranged, paying attention to the principle of big first and then small, the back first, the limbs and the trunk first, and the abdominal muscles last. The muscles of the legs, chest, and back belong to the large muscle groups. The exercises of these muscle groups require heavier loads, otherwise, it will be difficult to achieve results. Therefore, when a bodybuilder is energetic and able to overcome a heavier load, it is necessary to train these muscle groups first.

If you wait until the end of the training session to train these muscle groups, you will be unable to do what you want, the effect will be greatly reduced, and even injuries may occur.

In addition, the effect is much better if you complete the exercises with more muscle groups first, and then complete the exercises with a single muscle. Because the use of a smaller weight for a single muscle exercise does not affect other muscle groups, but a single muscle itself can obtain a large stress stimulation.

(2) The muscles should be trained alternately. This is also a training principle. The so-called “alternating” training means that the same muscle should not be practiced continuously.

Alternate exercise muscle groups can get a certain degree of recovery after each exercise, so they can bear a greater load during each exercise. Since the development of muscle strength and volume is closely related to training intensity, alternate exercises are more conducive to the growth of muscle volume and strength.

(3) The following principles should be paid attention to when practicing muscle strength for people with weaker physiques:

1. Those who have low strength levels or who have just recovered from an injury should start with static exercises and gradually transition to dynamic strength exercises.

2. The first exercise is safety first. If it causes muscle soreness, the weight-bearing intensity of the next 2~3 exercises should be halved, and the muscle static stretching exercises after strength exercises should be highly emphasized.

3. In the practice of bearing free heavy objects, the protection of one’s own weak parts should be considered, and it should be completed with the assistance of others when necessary.

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