How to use the circuit training method for fat-reducing strength training?

We have understood that strength training is an effective means of adjusting body circumference. How to use it to reduce fat? The answer is to use the circuit training method “for strength training.”

What is the circuit training method?

The so-called “circular training method” refers to a training method in which the exercise method is set to several training stations according to the specific tasks of the training, and the bodybuilder completes the training tasks of each station in sequence according to the established sequence and route.

Strength training with the cycling training method has a very obvious effect on removing fat and losing weight and clearing muscle lines. Under normal circumstances, when you complete the first cycle of training, your heartbeat will speed up and your face will be red. However, if you perform two consecutive cycles of training, you should be sweaty.

What problems should be paid attention to when using the circuit training method for strength training?

1. Seriously prepare for activities

2. After each stop action is completed 16 to 20 times continuously with lighter weight and faster speed, quickly run to the next stop and continue to practice.

3. After practicing all the movements of a cycle, immediately do in-situ vertical jumps or high-leg runs 200 times.

4. During the interval of each group, trotting in place is used as an adjustment method, and the interval time should not exceed 2 minutes.

5. According to personal circumstances, start with 1~2 cycles in a row and strive to complete 4 cycles in a row.

6. Relaxation exercises cannot be ignored.

7. Training the next day, that is, 3 to 4 exercises a week.

8. For the adjustment of diet, please refer to the article on fitness and nutrition.

C. 3 plans to use circuit training methods for fat-reducing strength training

[Scheme A]

①Bench press→②Wide grip press→③Half squat→④Bent freestyle→⑤Control the waist and abdomen→⑥Upright curls→⑦Sit-ups with leg raises→⑧Run and jump

[Scheme B]

①Supine bird→②Upright bird→③Prone leg curls→④Bent over and rowing→⑤Sit bow body→⑥Neck and back arm bends→⑦leg raises, sit-ups→⑧run

[Scheme C]

①Lying on your back, bending your arms and pulling up→②Scott lifts→③Half squat arching→④Pulling over your body→⑤Controlling the waist and abdomen→⑥Bending and stretching the arms

How to use strength training to prevent chronic injuries of the waist and knee joints?

The waist and knee joints are more likely to be chronically injured.

Here are 3 strength training exercises to help you further prevent chronic injuries of the waist and knee joints.

A. Supine control

[Action method]

1. Lie on your back, bend your knees and raise your legs, with an angle of 90° between your upper and lower legs, and hold your abdomen with your hands and ten fingers crossed.

2. Tuck the abdomen and lift the upper body until the shoulders are lifted off the ground and maintain this position for 30 seconds.

3. Do it 3 times a day.

【Action points】Keep breathing unobstructed; relax below the hips.

B. Prone waist control

[Action method]

1. Lie on your stomach, with your legs abducted at the same shoulder width, and your arms should be placed on your side.

2. The back muscles contract to raise the upper body and lower limbs as much as possible, support the abdomen and maintain this position for 1 to 2 minutes.

3. Do it 3 times a day.

【Action points】Keep breathing unobstructed; don’t bend your head back.

C. Static squat

[Action method]

1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes forward, and your arms hang down naturally

2. Slowly bend your legs and squat until your knees are above your toes. Maintain this position for 3~5 minutes

3. Do it 3 to 5 times a day.

[Action points] Always tighten the waist and abdomen muscles during the action, straighten your chest and head; do not let the knee joints go beyond your toes when squatting.

What are the commonly used items for strength training?

A. Dumbbells

When choosing dumbbells, the first thing you want to do is whether you want your whole family to participate in sports together and that you belong to the type of “satisfying alone and the whole family is not hungry”.

If it is the former, you need at least 2 fixed weights (A, B), 2 adjustable (C, D), a total of 4 dumbbells.

The choice of fixed-weight dumbbells is mainly based on the situation of female members in the family. She can only do no more or fewer dumbbells that just do 20 single-arm curling weights, which is the smallest fixed dumbbell A in your family;

And she can only do no more than a lot of dumbbells that just do 10 bench press weights, which is the larger fixed dumbbell B in your house. The minimum weight of the lighter adjustable dumbbell C should be 1 kg heavier than B (1 kg ≈ 22 pounds).

The minimum weight of the heavier adjustable dumbbell D should be 2 kg (about 4 pounds) heavier than the maximum weight of c.

For example, if the weight of B is 5 kilograms (about 11 pounds), the weight of C is 6-8 kilograms (about 13-18 and the weight of D is 10-12 kilograms).

B. Gloves.

It is best to have a moisture-absorbing lining, washable, and sew fine fingerless gloves. This can make the hands more comfortable and also make the liquid evaporate as quickly as possible.

C. Mat or carpet

It has a certain thickness and is relatively soft, and the length should be 10 cm at each end after lying on the back.

D. Water

The necessity of replenishing water in time during exercise will not be discussed here. Drinking water, tea, fresh juice, etc. are all very good for bodybuilders, but please remember to drink small amounts of water many times.

What is the relationship between load and exercise effect in strength training?

Heavy load (interspersing some 90-95% of the load intensity every week) can significantly increase the strength, especially the maximum strength.

This kind of training focuses on anaerobic metabolism, which has little effect on the circulatory function, and the increase in muscle volume is not obvious; medium weight-bearing mainly develops muscle strength and increases muscle volume;

Very light weights mainly develop muscle endurance, which is also a training method that helps to lose weight.

Fitness-type strength training is generally based on medium or small weights.

With the improvement of athletic ability and physical fitness, the difficulty of weight-bearing movements can be adjusted separately for each exercise. After reaching the level that suits your needs, you can perform maintenance exercises.

What is the relationship between movement speed and exercise effect in strength training?

Speed ​​refers to the speed of movement, fast movement is conducive to the development of explosive power;

The mixing speed is more suitable for power growth;

Completing the action slowly or at a moderate speed is good for developing muscles.

But for beginners, too fast movements may lead to technical deformation, safety reduction, and other problems, so when you first start strength training, you should use a medium or slow speed to complete the movement.

What is the relationship between exercise form and exercise effect in strength training?

The form of exercise can be simply divided into two types: dynamic exercises and static exercises.

Dynamic exercise: refers to the exercise form in which the length of the muscle is shortened when the muscle is contracted. Exercises with a small number of repetitions and high resistance can quickly increase strength; exercises with a large number of repetitions and medium or low resistance can increase muscle volume and muscle endurance, and can also increase strength in the early stages of exercise.

Static exercise: It is a form of exercise in which the length of the muscle does not change when the muscle is contracted. For example, if the body maintains a certain position, the joints maintain a certain angle, and the exercise of contracting for 8-10 seconds with the maximum strength, doing one to several times a day can quickly increase the muscle strength.

Want to build a fully equipped gym at home?

Home comprehensive training device, this is a big guy! Its advantage is that it makes training more interesting and easy, and it is a rare good partner for circuit training that can help you effectively lose fat.

However, it has a relatively large investment and also takes up more space.

If you really have this idea, it is best to ask a professional manufacturer to tailor it for you.

A. Barbell

When you want to have the same developed muscles like a bodybuilder, the barbell and its auxiliary equipment are indispensable for you to realize your dreams.

B. Partners

It is recommended that once you have a professional private gym, professional coaches and tacit training partners are more important than high-quality training facilities to some extent, so you’d better invite them to your home together.

C. Rubber pad

This is a kind of plastic material with good elasticity, which can play the role of shock absorption and anti-skid when spread on the ground. Especially if you live upstairs, it becomes more important, it can reduce the troubles of neighbors.

Can strength training be done on the face?

The answer is yes, as follows

A. Go around

[Action method]

Keep your eyes wide open. The eyeball goes around clockwise 10 times as much as possible, and then 10 times counterclockwise.

B. Opening and closing

[Action method]

Open your mouth, press down on your tongue, and expand your mouth as much as possible before closing it. The action is a medium speed, and it is completed 12 times in a row.

C. Dry face

[Actions] Clean face and hands and rub skin cream; rub both hands and close eyes. Start by rubbing your hands from the lower jaw to the forehead and then extend the outer edge of the face to restore it, just as we usually do when washing the face. Complete 12 times in a row.