How do men keep their abdomen fit and eliminate their big belly?

The abdomen is the middle part of the human body to carry on and from the next. The size of the abdomen plays an important role in the overall shape, posture, contour, and curve of the human body.

The bulge and fat belly, commonly known as the beer belly “general belly”, gives people a sense of clumsiness as a whole, and it is impossible to talk about flexibility and chic.

The change of abdominal enlargement is often very fast, especially in middle-aged people, the change of abdomen is much faster than that of young people. Some people have not seen each other for a few months, and they have a big bellies.

Because the human abdominal wall is relatively loose, a large amount of fat can accumulate under the skin, and the inner layer is the omentum, which is also the storage area of ​​fat. The omentum of obese people is filled with thick fat and internal organs may be pushed and displaced.

Obese people are so breathless, and they are out of breath when they move because there is too much fat in the abdomen, which affects abdominal breathing. Fat accumulates upwards, which can also push up the diaphragm, compressing the lungs, reducing lung capacity, and causing shortness of breath. In daily life, bending and squatting are quite restricted, which brings a lot of inconvenience to work and life.

Abdominal hypertrophy can also bring about a series of physiological changes, causing a person’s center of gravity to move forward, and compensatory changes in the spine, that is, cervical spine extension and increase in the physiological arc of the thoracic and sacral vertebrae to compensate for the changes in the waist. Coupled with a corresponding increase in weight, lumbar and knee joint disease often occurs.

Except for a small number of the fat belly caused by endocrine diseases, the cause of abdominal changes is mainly related to irregular diet, lethargy, and lack of exercise habits.

In particular, some men don’t understand the health effects of having a big belly, and some self-appreciate the so-called “beer belly”. Who knows that a big belly is not a sign of good health, on the contrary, it is a manifestation of a decline in physical health. It is easier to form a large abdominal bulge. It is more difficult to reduce the abdominal bulge. It is necessary to be self-disciplined in life and work hard to restore the original shape.

The general standard for men’s abdominal fitness: the bust circumference is greater than the waist circumference, and the difference between the chest and waist is 12 cm ~ 25 cm. The abdomen is lower than the chest, and the abdomen is flat and elastic. When the head is stretched forward and the chest and abdomen are flexed, the contour of the abdominal muscles is clear, which can clearly highlight the two rows of rectus abdominis muscles, and restore the flatness of the abdomen after relaxation.

The pursuit of abdominal fitness and elimination of big belly should focus on three aspects:

1. Pay attention to your diet, be basically quantitative, and eat fewer animal fats and sugars. Avoid binge eating, binge drinking, and excessive alcohol addiction. But there is no need to go on a diet, drink a diet, and live an ascetic life.

2. Avoid lethargy: Have good work and rest habits. If you don’t get sleepy, you must know that too much sleep is also the main reason for the accumulation of belly fat and a big belly.

3. Develop the habit of physical exercise, especially for non-physical workers, especially if they adhere to the above three aspects, they will not form a big belly, and it can be eliminated with a big belly. Some people are misled by using the abdomen to make holes and liposuction to suck abdominal fat. The consequences are often unsatisfactory. It also destroys the subcutaneous tissue of the abdomen, causing the belly to become stiff.

If you still keep the original bad habits and don’t insist on exercising, you will still have a big belly in the future.

In the exercise, a combination of whole-body exercise and specialized exercise should be done. According to personal conditions and hobbies, choose 1 or 2 full-body sports, such as running, swimming, cycling, martial arts, and ball sports.

On this basis, select special abdominal exercises. Such as supine leg raising, supine sitting at right angles, sit-ups, hanging legs, and so on. If the abdominal strength is sufficient, you can place your hands behind your head or add a certain weight to do sit-ups, which will increase the difficulty and increase the abdominal strength faster.

How can a lady make her abdomen fit?

Women’s pursuit and attention to abdominal fitness are much greater than that of men. Once a woman has a big belly, it is difficult to conceal her shortcomings even if she wears a variety of colorful and gorgeous costumes. Especially some tight-fitting clothing that can reflect the shape, posture, and curvilinear beauty of the body, is even more impossible to wear.

It shows that the big belly has an important influence on the beauty of the female soil. The cause of women’s big belly is different from that of men. It is rarely caused by binge drinking, overeating, and lethargy, but is mainly related to lack of physical exercise after delivery and lactation.

During the period from pregnancy to childbirth, the abdomen gradually grows, and the corresponding abdominal skin and muscles are elongated and loosened. The abdominal organs were also pushed and displaced by the enlarged fetus.

After childbirth, the parturient should have gradually carried out rehabilitation exercises to quickly restore the elasticity of the loose abdominal muscles and skin, and the position and function of the organs, especially the function of the diaphragm, stomach, and respiratory organs. This not only maintains health but is also beneficial to abdominal fitness.

However, many women are affected by traditional habits and have to “confinement” after childbirth, and can go outdoors only after the full moon. “Confinement” puts the body in a passive rest, not only the immune function declines, but also the recovery of various body functions is slow, and the abdominal muscles and skin are loose. In this way, fat accumulates quickly, replacing the original baby’s space.

It is often said by women that their body shape has changed since the birth of a child. In fact, it is not the case. Having a baby does not change the body shape, but the lack of rehabilitation exercises after giving birth. This is the main reason for the body shape change.

Many mothers with 2-3 children at home and abroad can achieve excellent results in sports competitions, which fully shows that postpartum exercise will not affect women’s body shape. During the breastfeeding period, most women stop exercising due to breastfeeding and raising babies.

And generally, they pay more attention to nutrition, in addition to the needs of the baby, there is still wealth. It is inevitable to form fat accumulation and form a big belly. If you can persist in physical exercise during this period, you will be able to maintain a perfect body shape, and will not form a big belly.

Women are physically different from men. Women’s muscles are about 60% of men’s, and women’s muscles contain more water and fat than men’s. Female body fat accounts for 28% of body weight, while men account for only 18%.

If women lack exercise for a long time, they are more likely to develop a big belly due to fat accumulation. Therefore, to maintain abdomen fitness should develop the habit of exercise from the beginning of youth, so that it will definitely prolong the youthful and beautiful belly, which is not good for people’s health physically, and it is also unsightly in form.

To avoid having a big belly, women must do two things, namely: rehabilitation exercises after childbirth and during breastfeeding, and the habit of exercising. There is no need for excessive diet, medication, and massage. How to exercise? An enlarged abdomen is often accompanied by body obesity. Should be combined with weight loss exercises.

You can choose 1-2 sports activities according to your personal interests and hobbies, such as running, dancing, aerobics, swimming, ball games and other sports that consume a lot of energy.

You can deliberately do some abdomen movements, such as the upper body moving forward, moving down to move the lower limbs, and the lower limbs moving closer to the upper body, which are all exercises for the abdominal muscles.

Women often find it difficult to do sit-ups due to loose abdominal muscles. You can do exercises that are easy first and then difficult. You can start with standing body bending forward, supine leg lift, supine body crunch, and presser foot sit-ups.

Then transition to sit at right angles, sit-ups, and dangle legs. As long as you persevere, not only can you keep your abdomen fit, but the big belly will also be eliminated.

How to use parallel bars to do flexion and extension of both arms?

When young people see the parallel bars, they always want to do a few arms flexion and extension. What are the effects of the arm’s flexion and extension on the body? How to apply this movement to fitness and shape the human body contains a lot of scientific knowledge.

Arm flexion and extension is the use of arms flexion and extension to push the body up and down. It is an anti-resistance exercise and is completed by the joint extension and contraction of the arms, shoulders, chest, and back muscles.

Regular practice of flexion and extension of the arms can make the chest muscles develop, the shoulders widened, the back straight and the arms thick. Using it to exercise can make fat and lose body shape strong, and can quickly get rid of the morbidity of fistula, and become full of muscles.

Many young men participate in the exercises of flexion and extension of the arms, while the young women are very few. Women have thin muscle fibers and low strength. It is difficult to complete one if they do their best, so they lose confidence and do not want to practice.

In fact, women need to practice arms flexion and extension more than men, because women’s physiological characteristics make their pelvis wider than men’s, and their shoulders are narrower than men’s. It is easy to form an olive-shaped posture and lose the curvaceous beauty of women. Practicing arms flexion and extension can make the shoulder width, breast enlargement, adjust the proportion of the human body, and show a healthy curve.

It is not difficult to learn to do both arms flexion and extension. For men and women who lack arm strength, start with push-ups. You can also tie a tape on the ends of the parallel bars (the bicycle inner tube is cut off), step on the tape to do the flexion and extension of the arms, and then gradually loosen the tape until the flexion and extension of the arms are completed independently.

Points to note when practicing flexion and extension of both arms:

1. Exercise should be maintained for a long time, generally, 30 to 60 minutes a day should be exercised on time. After 3 to 4 months, the muscles of the arms, shoulders, and chest showed clear contours.

2. After training, you should pay attention to doing some swinging arms to relax the muscles. You can also take a bath or self-massage to increase muscle elasticity.

3. The arms flexion and extension exercises are limited to the upper limbs, chest, shoulders, and back muscles. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with the exercises of the lower limbs, such as: running, skipping, and ball sports, so that the body develops symmetrically.

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