Compared to running in a steam bath, which way to reduce weight is more effective?

Whether it is at rest, work, or entertainment, the energy consumed is produced in the human body. In this process, oxygen must be inhaled and used.

In fact, if you know the amount of oxygen used, you can calculate the energy produced by the body. Every liter of oxygen the body uses can produce 5 kcal of energy. This is very important for understanding the role of exercise in reducing weight.

Every pound of fat tissue reduced requires a negative energy balance of 3,500 kcal. Two people lose weight at the same time, one uses a steam bath, and the other uses a running method; the steam bath uses less oxygen because of sitting and resting, and only produces 72 kcal of energy per hour, and Running on track and field because the body needs more oxygen; it produces 600 kcal of energy per hour.

If taking a steam bath consumes energy equivalent to 1 pound of fat (3500 kcal), it takes 50 hours, while running only needs 6 hours, and there is no need to do multiple exercises at the same time!

Remember, controlling your diet and combining exercise can make you lose weight steadily and help people who participate in fitness get rid of their old diet and activity habits.

How to make a scientific and healthy weight loss plan?

There is no doubt that people are interested in establishing a reliable healthy diet and ways to control weight. Just look at the dazzling collection of books and other publications on weight loss in the bookstore. However, these things often mislead people in terms of diet, exercise, and weight loss.

There are ways to lose weight through diet and reshaping a fit you. These words may sound unbelievable, but they are true. Many people did not notice the problem of energy balance, energy intake, and consumption, and they regained their original weight within one year after losing weight. And they don’t pay attention to changing their diet and exercise patterns in their lives.

Generally speaking, you can adjust your diet and exercise to achieve an energy consumption of 500~1000 kcal per day. This adjustment allows you to focus on exercise and eating habits, and achieve the goal of losing 0.5~1 kg of weight per week. . Let’s not underestimate these small system changes caused by adjusting exercise and eating habits. It can help you achieve weight loss and maintain your ideal weight.

In this process, exercisers will learn how to better arrange their diets to meet “nutrition standards” and RDA standards: you can determine different weight loss diet plans for your exercisers. It can be used to determine and measure the weight loss diet. A negative answer to any question indicates that your weight loss program is not perfect.

What misunderstandings should be avoided in weight loss exercises?

You may be in regular contact with some foods and manufacturers, and they promise you that they can greatly reduce your weight in a short period of time.

However, as we mentioned earlier, their purpose is to make money, and you need to help your exercisers to understand the truth. It is often said that if things are too good to be true, you better not believe them. This is an important strategy for keeping your mind sober and really finding an effective plan to achieve weight loss.

You can help your exercisers gain a correct understanding of some common ways to lose weight:

(1) Diuretics This medicine can lose sodium, potassium, and water in the body, thereby achieving the goal of weight loss. This needs to be at the cost of health.

(2) Laxatives, this kind of medicine is usually used to treat constipation and promote bowel movement. People use this drug to achieve weight loss, which means that the food will pass through the intestines quickly, and it will not be fully absorbed. But this is not the case. Laxatives have little effect on absorption, but they can cause the body to lose important inorganic salts and water.

(3) Sauna clothing. This kind of clothing is made of impervious materials. The sweat produced during exercise must take away the excess heat in the form of sweat evaporation. When wearing this sauna clothing, sweat cannot Evaporation, this will cause the loss of moisture, but at the same time can not consume the heat card, the sauna bath can only achieve the purpose of moisture loss.

(4) Tight belts. People often tie this belt to the waist. It is said that it can reduce the fat on the waist and make the waist circumference smaller. But in fact, the waist circumference will not become smaller because of its compression. The effect of this compression will restore the waist tissue to its original shape within a few hours after the tight belt is lifted.

(5) Vibrators and massagers. It is said that this kind of equipment can achieve the “point weight loss” purpose of reducing local fat, and it can also promote overall weight loss. “Pointing to lose weight” is an impossible dream, because the pattern of body fat loss is the opposite of the pattern of increasing body fat. If the fat in the buttocks accumulates earlier than the fat on the face, the fat on the face will decrease first during weight loss, and then the fat in the buttocks will begin to decrease.

This kind of thing is more fun to use, but it does not increase energy consumption, and the energy consumption is a necessary factor for weight loss.

What is an ideal diet pattern?

A lot of research data shows that people’s current dietary patterns are not completely reasonable and have adverse effects on health. The incidence of heart disease in modern people is obviously related to total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol, and the lack of fiber in food is related to a series of intestinal diseases. It is for these reasons that the U.S. Senate Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs held a hearing in 1977 to determine dietary goals that are conducive to the health of the Chinese people.

What aspects should be paid attention to in a scientific and reasonable diet

(1) Increase the intake of sugars (carbohydrates) (should account for 46~58% of the total food), while continuously reducing the intake of monosaccharides;

(2) Reduce the intake of total fat (42~30%) and saturated fat;

(3) Limit the daily cholesterol content in food to no more than 300 mg/day;

(4) Reduce salt intake by 50-85% to only 3 grams per day.

What should be the daily nutritional standards for different groups of people

The Research Institute of the American Academy of Sciences has established a food composition standard for healthy people. This standard is called the Nutrition Standard (RDA).

Although people can judge whether the nutritional components of the daily diet are adequate according to this standard, not everyone needs to meet one of the requirements every day. Whether the nutritional components of the exerciser’s diet are sufficient should be evaluated in a period of time (days).

How to self-evaluate your daily diet?

In the previous section, we have put forward the standard of good nutrition, and at the same time, we have also given two schemes that can reach this standard. How can you know whether your subject meets this standard, or consumes the proper calories enough to maintain or lose weight? First, ask your subjects to fill out a diet record form so that they realize how important food is to their lives and ask them to answer the questions given.

This kind of form-filled review allows exercisers to understand how to compare their daily eating habits with the previously mentioned schemes aimed at reducing lipid intake and increasing compound sugar intake. By emphasizing cooking habits, hobbies and taboos, snacks, and eating environment, you can help your subjects control their calorie intake.

Gives a way to list the foods eaten at different times of the day on a table. Exercisers should be able to recall their diet for more than three days (including Saturday and Sunday) and fill in the form. In this way, they can reasonably estimate their average nutrient intake.

You can find and calculate the calorie intake from the table of food calorie values.

Not only emphasizes the food ingested, but also emphasizes the eating environment. For example: if exercisers often sit in an easy chair and watch TV while eating snacks, they must feel comfortable eating snacks in this environment. Obviously, if you want to change such a habit, of course, including eating habits, you must first help them change the environment related to this habit.

Eating everything in the kitchen may help change habits.

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