How can I make my body taller?

The height of the human body is formed by many factors, which are closely related to heredity, nutrition, and exercise.

People continue to grow and develop from birth to 23-25 ​​years old. During this process, there are two peak periods of height growth. The first period is the first year after birth. During this period, the height and weight grow rapidly, and then the height and weight increase steadily.

From 11 to 12 years old to 17 to 18 years old, there is another growth peak. Girls are 2 to 3 years earlier than boys. In the peak period of growth, it shows the characteristics of increased appetite, restlessness, and the body is obviously thin and tall. This is the physiological performance of the peak period of growth.

Although human height is affected by genetic factors, as long as you pay attention to nutrition, sleep, grasp the physiological characteristics of the growth and development period, and perform appropriate physical exercises, you will make outstanding progress in height.

Why does physical exercise increase height? It turns out that the height of a person is determined by the length of the skeleton, and the height of the skeleton depends on the growth ability of the epiphyseal cartilage. The growth capacity of epiphyseal cartilage depends on the three factors of nutrition, sports and rest, and sleep.

Nutrition When it comes to nutrition, many parents think of eating well and drinking well. But what is good? This standard should be clear. Some think that valuable food is good, and some think that supplements are good.

In fact, there is good nutrition in daily food. Rice, noodles, chicken, fish, meat, eggs, milk, beans, vegetables, fruits, etc. all contain a lot of nutrients and various elements needed for body growth. As long as there is no partial eclipse, it is enough to meet the needs of body development. No need to take any supplements or tonics.

Drinking milk every day is a good way to encourage growth. Milk is highly nutritious and rich in calcium, which is good for growth.

In the growth and development of physical exercise, people not only rely on adequate nutrition but also these nutrients must be transported and supplied to various parts of the body in time to meet growth needs. The role of the circulatory system (cardiovascular) is to transport oxygen and nutrients to all tissues of the body to make it grow. To speed up and fully transport, it is necessary to promote blood circulation through physical exercise.

Cartilage has “two needs” and “one avoidance” during adolescent development. First, the epiphyseal cartilage needs a certain amount of exercise stimulation, and it can grow rapidly if it is properly stressed. Second, in order to meet the growth of epiphyseal cartilage, a lot of nutrients are needed. Both of these needs must be achieved through physical exercise.

So adolescent exercise is not just for fun, but for physical development. In the process of physical exercise, you should choose sports that can develop coordination, flexibility, flexibility, and quick response capabilities, such as basketball, football, volleyball, running, high jump, dance, martial arts, etc.

In order to prevent excessive compression force on the epiphyseal cartilage, strong weight-bearing, long time, and excessive strength exercises should be avoided. Light and moderate strength exercises are still necessary because the development of epiphyseal cartilage requires a certain amount of pressure. Children and adolescents should have 60 to 90 minutes of physical exercise every day.

The burden of homework is too much, and the time for students’ physical exercise is squeezed out, and they lose a good growth and development period, which is an irreparable sleep. Sleep also plays an important role in the growth and development of children and adolescents. We must know that sleep is not only to restore fatigue but also necessary for growth and development.

During development, people have a characteristic: lethargy, which is a growth message, which means that the body will start to grow taller. This is because the epiphyseal cartilage needs to grow in a stress-free environment for bone growth. Adequate sleep is to provides a favorable environment for the growth of epiphyseal cartilage, which should meet this demand. If the long-term overload of homework assignments reduces the sleep time of adolescents, it will undermine the normal development of adolescents.

To put it succinctly: Food contains a lot of nutrients, which are absorbed by the digestive system and enter the blood circulation. Physical exercise accelerates blood circulation and transports nutrients to all parts of the body through the blood. After the epiphyseal cartilage is stimulated by exercise to obtain nutrition, it needs to grow in a stress-free environment such as rest and sleep to increase bone growth.

As long as you have adequate nutrition, scientific exercise, proper sleep during growth and development, and avoid excessive and strong weight-bearing exercises, your height will exceed your parents and mothers. This is the only normal way.

What are the shapes of the calf? How to do bodybuilding?

The shape of the calf is not only related to the beauty of the lower limbs, but also closely related to the human gait, running, and jumping functions. Most people don’t bother much and let it develop naturally. In fact, the calf muscles have strong plasticity. After systematic exercise, the calf can not only make shape of the calf beautiful but also function well. Because the shape beauty of the calf and the function of the calf are complementary to each other, shaping the beauty of the calf, and at the same time improving the function of the calf.

Viewed from the front of the calf, there is a protruding bone crest in the middle. It is the tibial crest. Because there is no muscle covering on it, only a layer of skin, you can see the fuller muscles on the outside, and there is no muscle covering on the inside. The bone surface is also flat.

So you can see a part of the posterior muscle belly bulging inward. Viewed from the back of the calf, the middle part is full and enlarged muscle belly, the upper part is slightly thinner than the middle part, and the lower part is obviously thinner than the middle part, especially near the thinnest part above the ankle joint. This is the general outline of the calf body surface.

If you carefully observe its form and measure the functions of walking, running, and jumping, you will find that different forms are quite different.

From the morphological point of view, there are five types: spherical short fusiform, long fusiform, thin and bloated.

1. Spherical shape: The muscles in the middle of the calf are plump and huge, and the contour of the muscle belly is clear. The upper part of the calf is thinner than the middle, and the lower part of the calf is obviously thinner than the middle. The whole calf looks sturdy and powerful, beautiful in shape, brisk and neat gait, and has the superior functions of running fast and jumping high.

2. Short fusiform: The abdominal muscles in the middle of the calf are in a short arc shape, the upper part of the calf is slightly thinner than the middle, and the middle of the calf is obviously thicker than the lower part..

3. Long fusiform: the middle part of the calf muscles are not prominent, the arc is longer, slightly thicker than the upper and lower parts of the calf, the shape is relatively smooth, but not very powerful, and the running and jumping functions are average.

4. Thin shape: The upper part of the calf is similar in thickness to the middle part of the calf, the muscle belly is small and loose, the contour is not clear, the lower part of the calf is also thin, the shape appears weak and weak, and the running and jumping functions are poor.

5. Bloated shape: The upper, middle, and lower parts of the calf are obviously obese, the outline is unclear, looks swollen, the gait is slow and slow, and the running and jumping functions are poor.

The shape and function of the calf have a very important relationship with the calf triceps behind the calf. Therefore, to change the shape and effectively improve the function of the calf, it is important to exercise the calf triceps.

Exercise methods can be taken:

① Walk on the toes with the heels raised.

② Bounce up without heels touching the ground.

③ Do continuous upward bounces in the bunker.

④ Walk on the toes with weight on the shoulders.

⑤ Bounce in place with weight on the shoulders.

In the exercise, the density and intensity should be gradually increased. Every time you exercise, you should feel muscle fatigue of the back of the calf. As long as you persist, you can not only run fast and jump high but also make the calf have a fit shape.

Those who are thin and bloated should continue to exercise according to the above actions. The thin shape can make the triceps muscle belly thicker and bigger through exercise. The bloated shape can not only increase the calf triceps but also eliminate fat and make the calf contour clear and healthy.

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