Human bones are basically shaped when they grow to a certain age. Can we not change the bad body shape that we adults have caused?

Some of the students I have taught are not too old, but they are already a little hunched, and some students asked me how to solve the problem of her calf valgus and so on. Can problems like this be solved? I look at it this way. If you are not born with serious physical problems, basically these problems in our bodies are related to some bad body postures in our daily lives.

You rarely notice this. For example, a child who is in the puberty stage, who is taller than her peers, will unconsciously hold her chest and reduce the distance between herself and others. Growing in the direction of holding the chest, it becomes a hunchback over time.

I dare not say that her problems can be solved in a short time through physical training so that the shoulder blades wrapped forward can be opened backward, but I believe that after long-term practice, these problems will be alleviated.

The younger you are, the better you start to pay attention. The formation of a bad body shape is a long process, which requires us to spend more time and energy to pay attention to correction in training and life.

How to change your hunchback method?

Let us use these actions to correct the bad habit of hunched back that you are used to. Come and practice with me.

1. Exercise the legs on one side of the body, hold the right wrist with the left hand, and slowly move the body to the left with the arm, so that the back of the right shoulder blade is elongated and expanded. The neck relaxes and turns to the left, the right leg is slightly bent to the left to buckle the knee, the center of gravity is on the left leg.

The center of gravity of the body remains the same, the left arm is relaxed, hanging down to the side of the body, and the right arm is moved upwards and back to the body while raising the head to straighten the chest. Extend both arms consciously to extend the chest and bring the shoulder blades closer to the center. Do the same action in the other direction again.

2. Practice the preparatory posture in a small group, with your legs close together and upright.

Begin 1-4 shots with left leg upright and right foot touching the ground, arms extended down along the sides of the body, shoulders extend downward along with the arms, and the head can be slowly lifted upwards to unfold the chest.

5-8 Pat the upper body to relax, lower your head and cover your chest to the front of your legs.

1-4 shots with legs open, arms raised horizontally, and continue to extend to the back of the body in a horizontal direction.

5-8 Pat the left leg to support, the right leg is retracted to the left leg, the arms are drawn together by the sides of the front, lower your head and cover your chest, hands behind your head.

1-4 pat the right leg forward and make a lunge. The arms are lifted up with the upper body, and the arms are stretched above and behind the head.

5-8 Pat arms together at the back of the body through the side of the body, and continue to extend back.

Change to another support leg and practice again.

How to pay attention in life If we want to correct the problem of the hunchback, we still have to pay attention to it in our daily lives. Every small movement, such as walking, if you are used to holding your chest, can you try to change it and straighten your chest.

When you work in front of the computer for a long time, it is easy to cause the shoulder and neck muscles to feel sore. This is due to the long-term maintenance of a posture, this part of the muscles always works under a certain tension, which is the cause of excessive fatigue.

How to hurry up and practice in a day’s work?

After working for one to two hours (or half an hour), you should actively adjust your working posture and do some relaxation exercises. You can do the movements I taught above and turn them into a single movement to practice. Stretching should be sufficient, and each movement can last for a period of time so that the muscles can be stretched and relaxed. No matter what state you are in, talking with people in the office, doing housework at home, or walking on the road, you must think about raising your chest and relaxing your shoulders. Gradually you will get used to it.

Teach you the correct way to correct leg shape?

(1) The posture of walking When walking, whether the point of application of force falls on the outside, inside, or middle of the foot, it will have a great influence on the formation of your leg shape. People who always use the outer side of the foot to walk or run hard can easily become O-legs or calf muscle ectropion; those who are accustomed to walking with the inner side of the feet are likely to cause Ⅹ-shaped legs.

Therefore, when we walk, run, or even stand, we should pay attention to whether our body’s center of gravity falls in the middle of the supporting legs.

(2) Squat and stand-up exercises to prepare for the squat. Hold the handles with both hands, stand shoulder-width apart with your legs open. Keep your upper body upright with your legs bent and your knees facing the toes. The center of gravity of the body rests completely on the two soles of the feet, and the buttocks cannot be moved back. Push the top of the head upwards, push the hips forward slightly, and exert force on the inside of the legs to make the person stand up high.

The rhythm of the whole movement should be slow. Try to feel your body sensation, especially the legs. Standing exercises. Support with both hands, relax your shoulders, stand your neck upright, stand in a small figure with your feet, and place your weight on the soles of your feet. The hips feel lifted up, and the muscles of the legs converge from the sides to the center. All the power of your body is concentrated on this point in the middle, and the heel pushes your whole body up.

The rhythm of the action is slower, after about ten repetitions, relax your legs.

How to make thick legs more symmetrical through body training?

(1) Combination of the handlebars to practice the preparation posture. Hold the handle with the left hand and the small T-step with the right foot in front. Look to the outside of your eyes, relax your shoulders, stretch your right hand on the side of your body, and keep your upper body upright. Tuck your lower abdomen slightly, do chest breathing, raise your hips, and gather your legs in the middle.

1-2 beat the right leg forward along the ground and rub it forward,

3-4 beats and retract the front legs in the direction of going out,

Repeat the action from 1-4 beats for 5-8 beats.

The second 8 beats 1-2 beats the same action, the second half of the time, the front kick, the front leg is raised at a position of about 25 degrees,

3, 4, 5, and 6 shots to do some ground,

In the 7-8 beat, the right leg is moved forward and sideways to the back of the body and then received next to the left leg, doing backward rubbing exercises. The content of the two 8-beats is the same as the forward movement.

Do a sideward wiping action, the same as the forward wiping action, two 8 beats.

1-4 pat the right leg up along the left calf and draw the leg upwards, and stretch the right hand upwards along the front of the body.

5-6 beats to control the right thigh, the calf kicks outwards, and the right arm comes to the side of the body at the same time. 7-8 Pat the right foot back to the side of the left leg, and the arm to the front of the body at the same time. The second 8-beat repeats the action of the previous 8-beat.

The third 8 beats 1-4 beats while sucking up the right leg while lifting the heel of the left foot,

5-6 shots to keep the body upright,

Return to the starting position in 7-8 shots.

1-4 pat the right hand open to the side, the right leg is lifted forward 45 degrees, the calf is bent,

5-6 beat the right leg to swing the leg back, and the body naturally leans forward,

7-8 beats to restore the body upright. Here are a few things to note:

1. When wiping the floor forward, feel that the heel drives the legs forward, and when retracting, the toes drive the legs back. When wiping backward, stretch your legs backward with your toes. When retracting, the heel drives the leg back. Wiping the floor sideways is the toe that drives the leg sideways.

2. When doing exercises, keep the supporting legs and the center of gravity of the body stable.

3. For every movement, your body and limbs must have the feeling of extending far away

(2) Preparation posture of dance step combination. Stand with your left foot in front of the small horoscope and stand upright.

In the first 8 beats, the right hand is on the side of the body, the left hand is in front of the body, and the right leg is a small kick forward.

2 pat the front leg and touch the ground,

Repeat the action of 12 beats in 3-4 beats,

Kick before 5-6 beats, 7-8 bend your legs forward, move your weight forward, bring your legs together, regain your standing waist, raise your hands to your head and raise your heels.

The second 8 beats 1-3 beats waltz step, puts on the heel and rubs the floor with the right leg to the side, the left leg pushes the center of gravity to the right, and the arms swing to the right.

The fourth beat does not move. 5-8 shot in the opposite direction.

Repeat the previous action for the next 8 beats.

In the fourth 8 shots 1-2 shots, right foot jumps up, right-hand side and left hand in front, left leg kicked back, straighten the knee joint and extend it far away.

The 3-4 shots are in the opposite direction, and the 5-6 and 7-8 shots repeat the 1-2 and 3-4 shots.

In the last 8 beats, 1-2 beats on the right foot while stretching the left leg forward, with both hands stretched in front of the body. Step forward in 3-4 beats, arms drive the body upright.

5-6 Pat right leg bent, left leg kicked back after rubbing, left arm stretched forward, right arm stretched sideways.

Return to the starting body position in 7-8 beats.

Repeat the action in the opposite direction.

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