Why do we have to pay attention to the timely replenishment of water when doing aerobic exercises?

Some people mistakenly believe that drinking water will also increase weight. They are anxious to lose weight. Therefore, they try not to drink water or drink less water to achieve the effect of weight loss, but they do not know that this will not achieve weight loss. The effect of fat, and is very dangerous.

On the one hand, fat loss means losing excess body fat, not water. Weight loss caused by water loss does not mean that you have lost weight successfully. On the contrary, in the process of fat metabolism, the participation of water is also required. The loss of a large amount of water in the body will often cause the destruction of the fat metabolism pathway, which will hinder the burning of fat;

On the other hand, when we are doing aerobic exercises, aerobic exercise will consume a lot of calories, and at the same time, it will also make the body produce a lot of calories, leading to a gradual increase in body temperature. An increase in body temperature will increase our heart rate, causing the insufficient blood supply to the muscles and causing fatigue.

Perspiration can help us effectively lower our body temperature, but it also makes us lose a lot of water. When the body loses a lot of water, it can no longer meet the cooling requirements, resulting in a continuous increase in body temperature, which is very dangerous.

When the body loses water within 2%, it is safer; when the body loses 3% of water, muscle endurance begins to decrease; when 4% of water is lost, muscle strength also begins to decrease; more than 6 %, there will be life-threatening.

Therefore, in the process of aerobic exercises, we must pay attention to timely replenishing the water lost in the body to ensure the normal work of the body and protect our health.

In addition, summer and humid places will accelerate the loss of water, so you should increase the amount of drinking water appropriately.

When doing aerobic exercises, how should I replenish water?

Before and after each aerobics class, our weight should be the same, which means that the amount of water supplement is very appropriate. When the bodyweight becomes lighter after exercise, it means that the water in the body is lost and the water supply is not enough, so pay attention to timely replenishment.

The basic principle of supplementing water should be small amounts and multiple times. Because, a large amount at one time can make blood dilution and blood flow increase, which will increase the burden of heart victory.

In addition, the movement range of aerobics exercises is relatively large, and the exercises are more intense. For example, high and low-impact aerobics will have some jumping movements. Latin aerobics have more waste and abdomen swings. At this time, if a large amount of water stays in the stomach, the water sloshes in the stomach during exercise, which can easily cause symptoms such as vomiting.

Therefore, we should drink 300~500ml of water 10~15 minutes before the start of exercise to appropriately increase the water reserve in the body and ensure that the body maintains a good working condition during exercise.

During exercise, 150ml of water should be replenished every 20 minutes or so, so as to maintain the water content in the body without increasing the burden on the heart. Drinking water after exercise should also follow the principle of small amounts and multiple times.

If you want to achieve weight loss through aerobics, what should you pay attention to when choosing food?

You must know that dieting to lose weight is not effective at all. If you want to lose weight significantly and effectively, you can only achieve your goal through a healthy diet and reasonable exercise.

If the daily intake of calories is too small and the fuel supply in the body is not enough, the energy needed by the body can only be collected from the muscle tissue, which will reduce your metabolic rate.

The result will be contrary to expectations. The muscles are getting looser and weaker, looking weak, the body is weak, and the function is reduced, but the fat is still in the body. Even if you lose weight in a short period of time, it will soon be easier to rebound back. As the saying goes, “eating well is worse than eating skillfully”. Eating reasonably can not only ensure the health of your body but also help you eat the excess. Fat.

So the key is to choose healthy and low-fat foods and avoid excessive intake of heavy oil, high fat, high sugar, and salt. Those soft drinks, fast food, and alcoholic beverages with a lot of calories must be carefully controlled or prohibited.

Instead, we should choose more fruits, vegetables, grains, aquatic products, edible fungi, and dairy products. Take 5~ every day

Eat small amounts of 6 times to replace your usual habit of eating large amounts of food at a fixed time.

Also, always remember to drink plenty of water! It is recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, or more. When you are exercising, as long as you cooperate with healthy eating habits and start drinking a lot of water every day, then you will see the fat gradually leave you!

How to eat before aerobic exercises?

Avoid eating 1 to 2 hours before performing aerobic exercises. Because after eating, the stomach is full of food, which will affect breathing.

And exercise at this time will affect the digestion and absorption of food, and it is also prone to abdominal pain and vomiting.

But this does not mean that no food can be eaten. During exercise, the body also needs to have an appropriate amount of nutrients as fuel to effectively transport and burn the fat stored in the body.

People who have symptoms such as dizziness, low blood sugar, or do feel hungry, should pay more attention to eating properly before doing aerobic exercises.

But be careful to eat small amounts and focus on easily digestible carbohydrate foods, such as yogurt, rye bread, etc. are the best content of the meal before exercise, which can ensure that you always maintain a good body during aerobic exercises. Exercise intensity helps to burn more fat in the body.

What are the clothing requirements for participating in aerobic exercises?

There are professional aerobics clothing for sale on the market. This kind of clothing is sweat-absorbing, breathable, elastic, and convenient for exercise. The styles are mostly tight-fitting camisole short-sleeved shirts, stretch shorts, and trousers.

Because they are not confident enough in their body shape, some people may not like to wear such aerobics uniforms. Then you can also choose loose-fitting T-shirts or sportswear, etc. The requirement of choice is: sufficient flexibility It is convenient to complete all kinds of aerobic exercises. It absorbs sweat and breathes to make you feel comfortable when you exercise.

There are many forms of aerobics classes nowadays, and you can also choose your favorite clothes according to the characteristics of the project.

For example: when doing Latin aerobics, you can wear a tight top with loose trousers;

You can also wear a headscarf and gloves when jumping and fighting aerobics;

You can also wear large clothes when taking a hip-hop class.

In short, beautiful and decent clothing can make you feel happy, increase self-confidence, and increase the fun of aerobics.

In addition, after each practice, the clothing should be washed in time to keep the clothing clean and tidy. Clothing not only represents a personal image but is also good for personal health.

What shoes do you wear when doing aerobics?

Sports shoes, a pair of high-quality aerobics shoes can give us the most appropriate protection, reduce the impact of sports on joints and bones, and minimize the risk of sports injuries.

Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes, thick-soled shoes, and gym shoes for aerobics exercises. You should choose sports shoes with good elasticity, good air permeability, suitable size, and lighter weight.

Some brands have special shoes for aerobics. If possible, it is best to choose this kind of shoes, because they are designed according to the characteristics of aerobics: the pattern of the sole is generally non-slip design, which is convenient for exercise on the wooden floor; The forefoot of the shoe has a groove, which makes 70% of the body’s weight fall on the forefoot, which is very suitable for aerobic exercise characteristics; the mid-top design protects the ankle and avoids spraining the sole. The sole has a good degree of curvature, allowing you to freely Complete various complicated direction changes and various turning movements.

In addition, the best choice of socks is sports socks, which are mainly made of cotton, and do not wear nylon stockings. Also, pay attention to keeping footwear clean and dry.

Can I put on makeup when doing aerobics?

When doing aerobics, you should try not to put on makeup, keep the skin permeability, easy to wick away sweat, if you have makeup, you should clean your skin before practicing.

Because the blood circulation is accelerated during exercise and the pores are opened, which will increase the irritation of cosmetics to the skin, and it is easy to block the pores. After the exercise, the skin should be cleaned in time to reduce the irritation of sweat to the skin.

When doing aerobics exercises, you should also try to avoid wearing hard objects such as watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc., so as not to damage your skin.